Sunday, 17 August 2014

Road to Rebellion by George Hamilton

This is an epic tale of the Morley family owning and living on a sugar cane plantation in 18th century Jamaica.

The story starts when Charles is a young man and falls in love with Catalina a slave girl.  His father is not happy and sends him off to London to find a wife, which he does.  He has a child by both his wife and his love, but obviously there are complications and so the family story weaves along the years.

I really enjoyed this sprawling story.  I learned a bit of history, although I preferred the family saga part of this tale, rather than the historical warring parts.

As with the other books by this author, we get to see how the poor live in a time and part of the world we'd not want to imagine.  However, this story is not sad or depressing, just a good tale.

Santa Clause Lies and Murder by Sibel Hodge

Amber Fox is back and I'm happy to read a new story, even if it is just a shorter filler.
It is Christmas Eve and St Nicholas' bones have been stolen from a small local museum.

Having read and enjoyed the first four Amber stories, I immediately felt at home in the story.  In saying that, I'm sure it works fine as a stand-alone, with just a few references to back story.

As this is a chick-lit mystery, you know how things will pan out, but it's all about the journey and this was an interesting, fun whodunnit.

Sibel Hodge has branched out into other genres recently, but I like this genre by her the best.