Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Where The Memories Lie by Sibel Hodge

The title of this story can be read in more than one way.  Oliva's father-in-law tells her what seems to be a confession, but since he has Alzheimers Disease, is what he's saying true or just his mind getting muddled.  As Olivia tries to investigate based on just an off-hand comment, she starts to wonder who in her family is telling the truth.

This is a great story that's hard to put in a genre, it's not a psychological thriller, it's not a police procedural and it's not really a murder mystery, although it seems there might have been a murder and there's certainly mystery around it.  It's more about Olivia and her convictions and about family and about lies.  Should you tell them?   Should you keep secrets?

I enjoyed reading this although I did want to knock the characters' heads together at times.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Cage by David Haynes

I started reading this story without a clue of the plot.  All I know is that I love this author's stories.

This one starts with a murder in a hotel room.  But who did it?  Was it really the husband who was caught "red handed"?

Ted is hired to investigate this and sets off in a snowstorm to the hotel.  There's just him and the twins who run the place staying in the hotel.  Or is there?  

This started off more of a mystery, but as it progressed and the snow penned the people in, the story got more and more claustrophobic and ever so creepy.  The noise the cages made was horrific in my imagination.  This is not a story to read late at night.  There are many layers to this story, even though it's not a mammoth read.

As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  This author's mind is a bit warped.  Which is good for us readers.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Closer to Death in a Garden by Cecilia Peartree

Number 10 in the ongoing adventures of our faithful Pitkirtly gang has a bit of a mouthful for a title.  It does become obvious what it refers to early on, so it didn't bother me for much.

As usual there's a murder, as usual Amarylis is in the middle of it.  As usual Christopher doesn't want to be in the middle of it.  And there are alpacas about.

I always start reading these books expecting them to be five star reads and, for me, they never fail to live up to what I expect.

What's to say - the gang are all here, doing what they usually do.  They get in the way of the police, they kind of solve the mystery.  The joy of reading these stories for me is the familiarity of the characters and somehow, each mystery seems to be fresh and new.

Another top Pitkirtly read indeed.