Thursday, 10 December 2015

Bricking It by Nick Spalding

As with Nick Spalding's other novels we have the "he said / she said" swapping forth of chapters.  I enjoy this method of getting both sides of the story.  This time, it's brother and sister Daniel and Hayley Daley who tell us of when their grandmother left them a dilapidated house in her will and they decide to do it up.  Obviously they haven't got a clue.

This is not an original story by any means, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  It was very lightweight and I'm sure more could have gone wrong.  Perhaps that was the beauty of it.  It didn't drag me down.  If I was watching it on screen, it would be in bright colours, rather than dingy greys. 

And who wouldn't want a pet Pat the Cow?

Piper by G. J. Reilly

Piper is the second book in the Jerrick series.

In the first book, Michael has been spirited away / rescued from the Grand Inquisitors to their enemy The Council.  It’s not clear which side is good and which is evil as neither are either.

We get a bit more about fairy tale history in this book, with Grimm being a librarian and what legend says is The Pied Piper of Hamlyn being the Piper of the title.

This is quite a long book and gets exciting in parts.  There’s also some rather nasty characters and death is always on the outskirts.  I found this to be a well-rounded story with some great characters.