Sunday, 18 October 2015

Hunted by Tim Arnot

This is the second in the Felicity (Flick) Carter series of books, set in a post-apocalypse England where there's no technology, and martial rule keeps most people in order.

Even though she's very young, Flick has been using alcohol to drown her sorrows about losing her home, her family and her friends.  She's kicked out of her village and ends up becoming a trainee in the Kingsmen.  A lot of this book is her during her enforced training.  I wasn't too interested in this bit, 

We also follow Shea as he loses friends too.  In the background we have the mystery man who is following Flick and killing anyone who gets in his way.  We also have more of Princess Jessica/Lieutenant Dixon, who I think is my favourite character.

I am enjoying this world that the author has fleshed out.  It might be England, but it's a very different one to now.