Saturday, 28 January 2012

Voodoo Deadly by Sibel Hodge

Voodoo Deadly by Sibel Hodge is Amber Fox's third adventure.

Yet again Sibel has written a cracking story. 

Amber's mum is on her case as she's seen a hat she loves, but won't buy it until Amber has set a date for the wedding.  Amber is scared to set the date as she's afraid Brad is going to leave her again.

Amber's case this time involves a missing person and is all caught up with voodoo practitioners, dodgy clinics and the seedier side of medicine.

The story is well written, mostly light with a few "dark" bits and is classic Sibel Hodge.  If you enjoyed her previous Amber Fox mysteries, you'll be comfortable in Amber's world.  If you haven't, you don't really need to have read the others to enjoy this, but it will help.

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