Saturday, 25 February 2012

Death in Spigg's Wood by Linda Gruchy

Death in Spigg's Wood is a rollercoaster of a police procedural. 

It is the story of  Meg who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She was a kickboxing champion who comes across a man being beaten up in the woods and when the attackers turn on her, she beats them up and shoots one of them before being arrested at the scene.

What follows is Meg trying to prove her innocence.  That she acted in self defence and it wasn't "excessive force".  You really feel for her as the police don't believe her.

Apart from the first few pages where the author seems to be trying too hard and uses uneccessary flowery words and phrases, this is just a fantastic read.  I was totally gripped as the chapters flowed.

This is quite a chunk of a book, over 6k locations (perhaps 400-odd pages) and was a thrilling read from start to finish.   You really feel for Megan and really hope you'd never get into a situation like that.  It certainly makes you think.

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