Monday, 21 October 2013

Chocolate, Lies, and Murder by Sibel Hodge

This is the fourth in the Amber Fox mysteries.  You don't necessarily need to have read the other 3 as this is a stand-alone mystery but it helps to know the background to the characters.

Amber is due to marry Brad in a week's time.  If things were to run smoothly, then there'd be no book. As it happens, Brad gets mixed up trying to protect his ex Aleesha from a stalker threatening to kill her.  Amber didn't even know Brad had gone out with glamour model and TV tart Aleesha.

This is a fun novella, very easy to read and I enjoy reading more of the characters in this series.  Amber's mum gets a bigger part as she gets involved with some undercover spying.  At times Amber got on my nerves for doubting Brad, but she's a feisty lady and pulls everything together - mostly.

The product page for this says it's 154 pages.  It felt like a longer story than that implies.  It didn't feel too short, it felt like a proper sized story.

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