Sunday, 5 January 2014

War and Piste by Alex Thomas

War and Piste is the fictional(?) tale of Poppy's season as a ski rep at an Austrian resort.  From the minute she arrives, she's thrown in at the deep end as rep after rep leaves.

I enjoyed reading this book a lot.  In fact I was sad to get to the end as I felt I was saying goodbye to friends I'd grown to like a lot.

I liked the background stuff to being a rep.  As a holidaymaker, changeover day is tiresome, as a rep, it must be ten times worse.  The author, whilst not going into too much boring detail, gets over these long days with humour.

I liked the friendships and the romances that happened in this story.  Most characters were well rounded in their descriptions and had depths to them.

For me this was a thoroughly enjoyable story and I'd like to know what Poppy did next.

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