Sunday, 4 May 2014

Angel of Rosetown by Jennifer Hanning

This is a story of many parts.  It starts off with Molly and Abel finding themselves to be true soul mates, but life for Molly is short.  Except life for Molly is actually many lifetimes as she ascends to Harmonia and has to wait for Abel to join her.  Abel takes a bit longer than Molly would like and this book tells their many tales.

This is promoted as a spiritual story, but I just found it a very well told tale.  Yes, Molly is a spirit for most of the story and it's a bit about good and evil, however it's not in your face and is basically just a love story albeit where they are not together very much.  

This story is a very light, easy to read one and I enjoyed reading different tales of life through the ages across the world.  It was quite a long story, but because it flitted across different lives, it didn't drag.

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