Sunday, 8 June 2014

The No-Kids Club by Talli Roland

The No-Kids Club is thought up by Clare when she couldn't get a decent conversation with her friends without them going on and on about children.
The first two members to join have issues with the topic of children themselves which is why they need non-kid conversations.  The book then follows the lives of these three women as they find out what they really want in life.

I enjoyed reading about them avoiding kid-talk, but inevitably, as with the chick-lit canon, the more they don't talk about children, the more the topic of children comes up.

As with all of Talli Roland's books, you get a great easy to read story with reasonably happy endings, although the endings may not be what you expect from the start.

This is not my favourite of the author's books, probably because the subject matter didn't really interest me, but in saying that, I always get a great quality interesting read from this author and will always read one of her books.

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