Saturday, 26 July 2014

Maybe, Misery by C.S. Bailey

I wasn't quite sure what this book was about before I started and it starts off quietly enough.  Talon is a man who wants to cure cancer but ends up, well certainly NOT curing anything.

The story is non-linear.  We go back and forth to particular points in Talon's life, told in the first person, as a diary. It took me a bit of reading to get the hang of this, but once I actually paid attention to the dates at the top of chapters, I could follow it easily enough.  It felt as though Talon was speaking directly to me

I didn't really like Talon as a man.  Whilst he wanted to do good, he was a swearing sex addict, who didn't care about most women.  Once I got into the story, it was very addictive reading, fitting all the pieces together.

On the whole, an enjoyable, gripping bio-thriller.

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