Monday, 20 October 2014

The Christmas Puzzle by Cecilia Peartree

The Christmas Puzzle is the 8th book in the Pitkirtly series and I think they just get better and better.  This series is my favourite as I just love the characters and the cosiness of their mysteries.

This time Amaryllis is a Christmas elf and she's persuaded, I mean told, Jock he has to be Santa for the up and coming Christmas festivities in Pitkirtly.  Amaryllis seems to be growing up (a bit) in that she is thinking of running for a place on the council. Probably so she can keep a better eye on things.

As usual there is a dead body.  You'd think the local police station would have longer opening hours with all the murders that happen round here.  All the favourite characters appear with a few newcomers.  But which of the newcomers is the murderer?  Is there actually a murderer or was it just an accident?

I find these books a gentle read, with more characterisation than action and that suits me just fine.  As the series goes on, I get to know the characters deeper and deeper and I have hopes for what they do and don't do in the story.

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