Saturday, 16 January 2016

Void by David Staniforth

A bloke wakes up in a car on a cold street.  What is he doing there  Who is he?
And so our story starts.  We quickly find out that the man's name is (probably) Tom as he finds a journal in the glove box with a note to Tom.

It seems that every January Tom disappears from his life with his girlfriend Penny for a week.  He has no recollection of this week.  He also has no recollection of his first 20 or so years.  The journey he is now on is to work out why this happens.

This was quite a different book.  It was quite claustrophobic in the narrowness of the story.  We only find out what Tom finds out about his "normal" life as it happens.  We live through what he goes through in his week "away" with him.  As things unfold, we are with Tom all the way.

I really enjoyed this, I was always wondering where it was going.  Not knowing what a book is about is a great joy.

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