Friday, 20 April 2012

Death in Flitbury Marshes by Linda Gruchy

Death in Flitbury Marshes is the successor to Death in Spiggs Wood, however it is a completely stand alone story.  The police characters are in both, but it’s not important to know their history from Spiggs.

Without giving the main parts of the plot away, it is about a murder where the body is left in a strange place in the marsh.  The marsh itself gains a character of its own.  I really wanted to look it up on internet maps and photos to see it, even though it doesn’t exist.

Spiggs was set mainly from the “victim’s” point of view, whereas Flitbury is more from the police’s.  I think I preferred this book. 

Thinking back, these books are very “Law and Order”.  Most police procedurals end with “You’re nicked”, whereas Linda’s books continue through to the courtroom.

I usually comment on readability and Linda’s writing is very readable.  This is a police procedural with a gruesome killing, but this book is not gory and gritty like some can be.  There is a side story with Fiona that I thought was interesting too.

Regarding the ending and the approach to the ending, I think it was well written with no loose ends and was satisfactory.  Some books (especially adventure ones) I get bored and rush through just to make sure that no one interesting dies, but with this one, the story continues to a good resolution.

I think this book deserves to fly off the shelves.  Hmm, what is the ebook version of that phrase lol?

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