Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mongol Rally by JA Irvine

This is the tale of two students who decide to do the London to Mongolia Rally.  It seems the only rule is that the vehicle must not cost more than £500.

This was an immense story of mainly border crossings and police check points as they cross out of Europe and through Ukraine, some 'Stans and Russia.  As someone who hates driving more than half an hour and loves my bed I certainly didn't envy them their trip, although some of the sights they saw must have been amazing.

As I got towards the end of the book, I got out my atlas of the world to try and trace their path and also to wonder if I could do their journey with the (lack of) maps they had.

I've found the blog chronicling this journey and it's great to see some of the landscapes.

There are a handful of typos in the book, and sometimes I thought "not another police check point", but in the main I thoroughly enjoyed this book

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