Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Bird That Nobody Sees by Stuart Ayris

How do I write a review for this book?  It defies pigeon-holing,  How can a book about a midget planning to murder someone after serving prison time for a drugs bust (he was innocent) be so magical?

I find reading Stuart's books to put me in a "floaty" frame of mind.  They are not of this earth.  Every word (and he likes them) lifts you.

See, I can't adequately review this book :)  I would imagine that there may be people out there that won't like this.  Stuart is possibly a marmite author.  But once you "get him" you'll be on a fantastic journey.

This story in the main is about friendship - bloke friendship.  As a female it was interesting looking in on it.\?tag=kuffbl-21

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