Saturday, 29 September 2012

Alex by Adam J Nicolai

Ian's 5 year old son, Alex, was kidnapped, raped and murdered with the kidnapper being also killed.  Now Alex is "haunting" Ian every night.

I found this a compelling tale of a man descending into madness with lack of sleep as every night he is kept awake by Alex screaming.  With the book split into short chapters you want to find out a bit more, a bit more, just another bit more.  Is Ian mad?  Is Alex really there?  What is Alex trying to tell Ian?  The tenseness ramps up and up.

This is quite a claustrophobic story.  If it was a film it could be made with a rather small budget.  But I liked that.  I really felt for Ian, the book made me want to help him somehow.

Another book I thoroughly recommend.

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