Friday, 7 September 2012

Looking for Buttons by Lucie Parish

This is a chick lit book but so much more.  Yes, Kate is a single girl who'd love to look for love.  She moves near her mother and takes a job as a cleaner as she has no idea where her life is heading.

It was hard to believe this was a first time novel.  The story was extremely well told and I read a massive chunk of it at a 4 hour session in the hairdressers.  No gossiping for me when I was so engrossed in this story.

Even the predictable parts had unexpected twists to it, but none of these twists were inconceivable.  You just went "ah" and carried down this next path.

This was a quite meaty story for a chick lit book - almost 300 pages and for me, there was no padding the story out.

Early on I put faces to the characters.   Most of them were from Bridget Jones' Diary (especially the adorable James Callis as Fergus), even thought the characters bore no relation.

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