Sunday, 14 October 2012

Matchbox Memories by Ray Kingfisher

Matchbox Memories by Ray Kingfisher is the tale of Ian who has escaped his family by moving down South, but has to return to look after his mother who has Alzheimers while his father is in hospital and his siblings are unavailable.

This is a very gentle comedy.  At times I was fed up of reading about Ian having to wait for his mum to put her coat on when they go out, but I presume this was deliberate to show how frustrating it can be when someone forgets the simplest things like have they been to the loo before going out and the many repetitions a carer must go through in one day.

I found the start a bit plodding, but as the secrets start to unfold it got more and more intriguing.

Altzheimers is a horrid disease to live around and although this is in the main a gently comedy, there was no looking down on his mother, the topic was treated with respect.

I definitely recommend this to bring a smile to your face, even among all the frustrations

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