Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Million Dollar Dress by Heide Goody

At first look, this seems as if it's a chick-lit book.  However as you get into it, it's more than that.

Justine walks off with her employer's futuristic electronic dress.  She's never stole anything before and feels guilty, but just cannot resist wearing the dress that will make you look as fantastic as you want.

This story turns into a farcical chase story with baddies, goodies and mad aunties.  I really enjoyed the gentle humour and silliness that the characters get into.

But this book is spoiled for me, by ending at just 70%.  That is really one of my bugbears with kindle books, you pace yourself knowing how much is left, then BAM!  Story over.  Then approximately 60 pages of previews for other books.  I don't mind upto 5%, but 30% is just a joke.  If I'd read this before Clovenhoof, I probably wouldn't have bought that one, such is my annoyance.

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