Sunday, 23 June 2013

Troubleshooter by Dakota Franklin

Troubleshooter is the third in the Ruthless to Win series of books set around Armitage motor racing company.  All the books in this series are first person POV of one of the characters, so you kind of get to know everyone bit by bit.

This story is Charlie Cartwright's.  Charlie is Armitage's troubleshooter and the trouble he needs to shoot in this story is the team's Formula 1 driver, who is a bit of a party animal and cocaine smuggler.

Charlie meets his soul mate at the start of this story and being in love does somewhat distract him.  But as with the other books, everyone is superb at their jobs, they have massive expense accounts and work all the hours under the sun.

Even though this is set in a man's world, as a female reader, I didn't find it too technical or too "mannish".  The jet-setting and behind the scenes at races were interesting enough, but not too detailed as to put me off.  It was a good adventure.

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