Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Granny Writes Erotica 2 by Rosen Trevithick

This is the sequel to My Granny Writes Erotica, where granny, Betty Berry, writes an extremely successful erotica novel.  Betty is a middle class housewife who had to write the book as she's down on money, having kicked her errant husband out.

In this installment, Betty has to face up to being famous and also being kicked out of the country club, her "friends" having rejected her new-found notoriety. 

As with the first story, whatever Betty does innocently, bites her in the bum (pun intended).  Now Betty's back on the market, she dabbles with a bit of romance, rather than rumpy pumpy, but her reputation precedes her.

I re-read the first story and went straight into this and I think it is better to have read the first story.  Certainly if you smiled at the first one, you'll enjoy this one.  I finished it with my mouth aching from smiling so much.  Yes, the story can get a bit juvenile at times and some things you can see coming a mile off and that is part of the fun.  My eyebrows even got a workout in these bits as my eyes got wider and wider, waiting for Betty to realise what she's got into.

Another great book by Rosen Trevithick.

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