Monday, 24 February 2014

Off The KUF Volume 3

Off the KUF 3 is a collection of 6 novellas by some of my favourite authors

Adventure on the Scotch Express by Cecilia Peartree
This was a nice mystery set on the Scotch Express set amongst the suffrage movement and involving a little bit of cross dressing.
I enjoyed the gentleness of this story.  Even the ruffians weren't too rough.

Bernard and the Bibble by Carl Ashmore
This is a children's story about Bernard meeting a Bibble and going into his world.  It was a little young for me, but an enjoyable story, nonetheless.

The Rocks Below by Nigel Bird
I'd not read any Nigel Bird stories previously and was very impressed with this one.  It seems to start as a collection of short stories, then I noticed they were set in the same area and then I realised they were all part of the same story as the people met up.  It was very well written and very enjoyable.  I think this might have been my favourite of the collection.

Maureen and the Big One by Jonathan Hill
This is the third of the Maureen "adventures".  Maureen has a bit more heart in this one compared to her previous outings.  I enjoyed it knowing her past, but I believe the story is good as a stand-alone and you don't really need to have any past story to enjoy it.

Copy by David Wailing
I've read all the stories in the Auto series by David Wailing, and this is one of my favourites.  It is quite an intense thriller and as all the Auto stories, the story just ramps up and up and up.  

The Devine Legacy by Jennifer Hanning
This is quite a sweet tale of an older lady getting an unexpected inheritance and setting out to retrace the steps of her first romance.

So a mixture of stories, with nothing in common except I enjoyed them all.

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