Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Like London Buses by Louise Warman

Cally (who was first and last seen in Follow Me) is back in England.  Living in a shared house in Oxford, life is not as exciting as it was when she was a chalet girl on the piste.  That is until she meets a man on the street and falls in lust.

At the beginning of this book, I didn't care for Cally as I did in the first book.  She seemed a bit snotty about having what could be a dream job for a lot of people.  As the story went on and I got to read about the two men in her life I was keen that she made the right choice.  But what is the right choice?

I warmed to this as it went along.  It possibly helped as I am going skiing in a month's time and I'm feeling the urge to be in the snow just as much as Cally wants to go back.  I look forward to reading the next bit of Cally's life and I hope there's a bit more snow in it.


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