Thursday, 12 February 2015

Imperfect Strangers by David Staniforth

Keith works as a night security guard at an office.  Sally has caught his eye and shown him kindness by smiling at him.  Keith thinks the next step is love.  Sally doesn't want to know.  At first.

This story is told in both first person perspective, so we get Keith's version in his head and Sally's version to the same thing.  As a story-telling method this is very effective for this story as we understand just how non-normal Keith is.

Some people reviewed that they read this in one sitting.  I actually put this book down to read another half way through as I found Keith's character to be one of the creepiest I've read.  He made me feel a bit grubby.  But I knew I'd go back to him.  I thought this story was an uncomfortable one as I'm the sort of person who wouldn't like to be nasty to anyone.  I sit through boring conversations so as not to be rude.  After reading this, I think I'll try to get out of things a bit more just in case I become a Sally.

I didn't particularly like Sally in this story.  I didn't really like anyone.  But I don't need to like characters to like a story and as a whole, this was a great story.  The tension built up, slowly at first with hints here and there.  I read the end at my lunch break and was late back as that bit was certainly unputdownable.

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