Friday, 20 March 2015

Can I Kiss Her Yet?: A True Tale of Love, Marriage... and Camels by Tony James Slater

This book does exactly what it says on the cover.  It is the tale of Tony and Roo's wedding.  Now that might sound a bit soppy ..... but once you find out what Tony wears, well you can never unknow that.

If you haven't read any of TJS's books yet, first off why haven't you?  Second, you might not "get" this one.  Having read the first 3 books, this one might seem a bit soft.  There's not an awful lot of danger from dangerous creatures, situations, actions.  Well not compared to the others.  But knowing Tony and Roo more than I know some of my own friends and family (well that's what it feels like now) it was nice to read about them doing things that normal people do.  Kind of.

Once good thing about these books being a person's real life, is that you can look them up on Facebook and see the pictures (His family are not afraid to show the worst pictures of Tony)  And another good thing about this being real life is that we still have Asia to look forward to.

In summary, this is not quite the most exciting of the 4 books, but it is still a 5 star read.

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