Friday, 24 April 2015

Sun Dragon by Michael Brookes

In the near future a spaceship sets off to Mars, its 6 person crew made up of more mature members.  They are all capable of doing each other's jobs.  It is planned to be a long mission there and back. 

The first half of this book is the journey there.  A few things go wrong, but nothing too bad.  This part of the story is interesting enough in a travelling across the universe kind of way.  I liked finding out the "boring" jobs they had to do to keep themselves alive and on track.

The second half is what happens when they get there and the consequences of what happened.  This then turned into a tense journey.  I liked this half even better than the first.  I didn't expect what happened to happen.  I don't read much sci-fi, but this was a great story.  I was very much gripped with wanting to just keep on reading and hoping for "my" ending to happen.

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