Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Chocolate Making Adventures: Create Your Own Chocolate by Rosen Trevithick

I was told this is one of the only books to show you how to easily make your own chocolate from raw ingredients.  I didn't really believe it, but on having a look online, it's true, there is very little information on actually making your own chocolate.  There's plenty of books and websites on how to melt chocolate to make new shapes but that's not this book's main selling point.

The book starts out with info on chocolate, then has the main recipes on how to make dark, milk and white chocolate basics.  

I volunteered and got involved with a facebook group to test out the recipes.  I am normally someone who avoids spending too much time in the kitchen, but I soon got addicted.  The ver first time I tried following the first recipe I didn't have a clue and didn't have half the proper tools for the job.  I had no idea whether I was doing things correctly as I didn't know how the ingredients would react.  Then I had to do it again and again and again as I wanted to get better.  My colleagues like my new hobby as there I make far too much chocolate for me to eat.  They always asked what liqueur I used, but it's just honey.

There are also recipes for the insides.  My particular favourites are peppermint creams and the clotted cream mousse.  Sometimes I'll make my own chocolate for the outside and sometimes I'll melt a cooking chocolate to make things easier.  None of the recipes have loads of ingredients.  They are really simple.  I do advise on reading the recipe thoroughly beforehand, especially whether to use teaspoons or tablespoons.  One recipe said up to 6 teaspoons of honey.  I used 4 tablespoons!!!

There is a lot more info and help in the book such as troubleshooting, alternatives to recipes, what ingredients and moulds to use.

As a whole book, this one seems to cover everything you need to know about making chocolate (and a note on how to best enjoy chocolate)  Be warned, it's addictive.  I am awaiting more moulds so I can make even more chocolates.

Here are some photos of my creations.


  1. Wow, this sounds amazing. I love, love, love chocolate -- in almost any form --- well, maybe not the chocolate grasshoppers --- but I'm thinking about looking into this book. I used to cook a lot, but seldom do so now. However, this venture just might be worth the effort. Thanks for sharing this. I had been blogging here on Blogger a few years ago but had moved to WordPress. Now I'm working on getting back into the swing of things over here and was just hopping around visiting different sites. I'm so glad I stopped here.

    By the way, your chocolate looks terrific as well as sounding yummy. Is everything in the pictures your own concoction?

  2. Thanks Sandra.
    Yes, They were all made by me but not all eaten by me.
    It's well worth it. My new moulds turned up today, so I'm going to make some more. It is addictive.