Sunday, 22 May 2016

Shave My Spider by Tony James Slater

Tony's been on his biggest adventure yet.  It was probably his most researched and planned one too.  But ............. well, Tony.  The problem Tony gets with any of his escapades and adventures can be summed up in one word.  Tony.  Just as well his lovely, sensible wife Roo was on hand to keep him slightly under control.  But when her back is turned ......

Tony's books are rambling tomes of often mundane daily life stuff.  But it's not the daily life a Westerner like me would want to consider.  They pack in an awful lot into their days, but often it's because they haven't got enough money to get to where things would be a lot easier.

I won't go into detail of all the places they stayed, but I know I wouldn't like to do China, but Mongolia sounded just wonderful (apart from the hard saddles).  Tony managed to describe the nothingness of the Mongolian Desert and the warmth of the people living there in a way that I'd love to see it.  Well, apart from the toilet arrangement, and the border control, and the local transport.  Hmm.  Perhaps it's better that someone else lives it and writes about it for me.

And the great thing about Tony's books - they come with photos.  Well apart from the one on his Mongolia page after he's been in the river !!

This book is a lot longer than his previous ones, which are pretty long themselves, but it's never a chore reading them.  And with 6 countries, you could think of this as 6 books in one.

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