Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Church of Virtual Saints by Michael Brookes

This follows on from Faust 2.0.  The two characters at the end of that one are incarcerated.  Dan in normal prison, Sarah in a top secret one.  Morton, the lawyer (or evil mastermind) needs to use them.

The Church in the title is an on-line one and Sarah gets dragged into it.  Dan is released from prison on the proviso that he'll help Morton get into The Church to see what they are up to.  In this story Dan was the better character for me.

This was a bit heavy on the technical side of things and I'm not sure I liked the "fighting" bits of the book, but it was a decent read and I expect I shall read the next book if there is one.  This book ends satisfactorily but lends itself to further adventures.

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