Sunday, 2 October 2016

A Creative Crime by Cecilia Peartree

A Creative Crime is the twelfth in the Pitkirtly series.  You'd think the quality would lapse after so long and that there's nothing left to shock the inhabitants of this small Scottish town, but anytime outsiders come to visit, something goes wrong for them and the story unfolds wonderfully.

The council wants a "Pitkirtly Creates" festival but everyone is ambivalent about it, no-one more so than Christopher, who has to organise some of it.  Amarylis is feeling her age a bit, but still manages to poke her nose into someone else's business.

As usual, I get enveloped into the small town (or is Pitkirtly a village?) and like hanging out with them.  The quality of the story does not flag, it's like being at home again.

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