Thursday, 13 October 2016

Black Pine Creek by David Haynes

Scott Draper is a gold miner.  He hasn't mined for 2 years after an incident, but wants back in.  The only site he can get is at Black Pine Creek.  Why did the last prospectors disappear leaving millions of dollars of equipment?  Was it just because they got bored, or did something else happen?

This is a departure from David Haynes' previous books.  It's more of a thriller and less of a full on horror story.  Yes, there's something in the woods, but for me this book was more about the story than the frights.  In fact the "something in the woods" could have been a bear and the story would still be as good.

This is a story more about the characters.  I felt drawn in from the start, even though it might have been a storyline topic I'd less likely pick up if it wasn't from an author I know and love reading.

I found the character of the woods to be as much a character as the human ones.  The descriptions were very clear (unlike the view in the woods) and I could easily picture it in my mind's eye.

Another fantastic book from an author who should be more popular.

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