Monday, 12 March 2012

Reunited in Death by Cecilia Peartree

Reunited in Death is the second of the Pitkirtly series of books (Crime in the Community being the first.

Yet again Cecilia has set a wonderfully quirky story. This time it revolves around a gathering of amateur genealogists in the town to investigate the Pitkirtly (and Scottish) parts of their family trees. The local villagers then have to investigate some deaths (as you do)

I suppose these books are classed as "cosy mysteries". Kind of like the type of murders you get in Midsommer Murders rather than the CSI kind of deaths. "Oh, someone's died over there, lets have a cup of tea" type of thing.

I find Cecilia's writing superb and very enjoyable. She has set up these great characters that you want to read more about. The stories are very easy reads and I think I liked this one better than Community. I look forward to reading the next one, A Reformed Character

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