Friday, 23 March 2012

Revisting The Time Hunters by Carl Ashmore

The Time Hunters was the first book I bought on my Kindle and the first book I reviewed.  So why am I revisiting it?  Because Carl has issued a new and improved version.
As I understand, he's with JK Rowling's agents which is why there's a re-write and who knows where this fantastic book will get to.

Did I say the word "fantastic".  Oh yes.  This book is quite simply a fantastic read.  When I heard this new version was available, I emailed Amazon to ask for the update and had it within a few hours.  I have load of books I want to read, so I wasn't going to read it quite yet.  But it was looking at me.  I thought "just the first chapter".  Oh dear.  There's no such thing as "just a chapter".  I finished it in two days.  It's quite literally unputdownable (I only put it down as it was past midnight and I needed to sleep)

What are the differences?  I'm not sure.  I'd read it a year ago and I'm no good at remembering stories.  All I can say is fantastic (again, lol)

This may technically be a children's story, but there's nothing childish about it.  I also bought the book for my 8 year old nephew (apparently he's been reading Harry Potter with a torch under his duvet in the nights) and my sister-in-law asked was it suitable as Becky is a teenaged girl - I think she thought it might be another twilight type book.  Well I can't think of anyone who this book wouldn't appeal to or be suitable for.

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