Sunday, 18 March 2012

Z14 by Jim Chaseley

This is another book that I'd whinged about the price. And now I've just been asked was it worth the price. The answer is yes.  

The name of this book had caught my eye "Z14" Short and sharp. It's the story of Z14 who is a killer cyborg. Now before you all switch over, I'll tell you that I'm not a fan of overblown sci-fi. This wasn't overblown sci-fi. Yes, obviously, killer cyborgs come under the remit of sci-fi :), but this is more of a humorous tale. Does Z14 still have human tendancies? He certainly has human sarcasm.

I thought the story was well told and the writing very easy to read. Certainly a page turner for me. It's certainly not high fiction, but who cares about that. I like a good story and this was a good boisterous story.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Joo. It's very much appreciated indeed. I think it's good to point out, as you have done, that's it's meant to be a quick, fun blast of a read and isn't exactly the most deep, nor clever thing anyone will ever clap eyes on! :)