Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hell's Fury by PD Martin

This story is about "RB" who is rescued from an Afghan prison where she was tortured and held captive for many months.  Since she was a top agent, she's offered a job with "The Committee" to assassinate bad people.  The first bad person is a people trafficker who uses the women as sex slaves.

I enjoyed this story, it kept me gripped as RB planned her operation and set up her hits.  I liked that she hated the traffickers for what they were doing and wanted to save the girls.

It was certainly a good read, fast paced and keeping you on your toes (or as it's in the case of reading, keeping you on your backside lol).

It seems like this may be the first in a series about RB and The Committee and I'd certainly  interested in reading more.

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