Thursday, 7 June 2012

Interrogating DM Andrews

DM Andrews, Fantasy Author, gets straight to the point

How do you strike the balance between writing something you want to write and writing something that people want to read, in terms of the compromises you make, if any?

I've come to learn that people want a good story that keeps them turning the pages. Any genre can do that, but some genres are more popular than others. I'm not naturally inclined to read the mainstream, but I'm looking more toward it. In the end I do need an income to keep writing, but I can hopefully still theme the writing around what I find exciting.

What excites, attracts or appeals to you about the genre(s) you write in.

I enjoy British history and mythology, so I guess fantasy ties in with those pretty well.

Do you have a box, drawer, folder etc where you keep thoughts and ideas for future stories? Such as names you have come across, bits of dialogue, ideas, characters - even if you have no idea when you might use them?  

Yes, I keep them in various folders, notebooks and bits of paper.

How much of you is in your characters? Which of your characters is the you that you’d most like to be? Or be with ?

There's always a bit of me in a character. I'm pretty sure most of my characters end up a lot more developed than me - so I'd be willing to spend time with any of them.  

Do you become so wrapped up in your writing that your spouse wonders if they're married to you or one of your characters?

I have no spouse, but I think I get more wrapped up in the world rather than just the character.

What type of book do you like reading? Is it the same genre as you write?

I enjoy fantasy, some historical fiction and some children's/YA books. Generally I would read what I write.

What lengths do you go to to convince us readers that your book has the X factor?

Not so much that it detracts from writing my next book.

How do you feel when a reader points out the spelling mistake(s) you have made?

Terrible. But I'm the same at seeing them in others' works.

What do you like most about visiting KUF?

It's British!

What is on your near horizon?

I'm working on about four books at the moment. The one most likely to be completed first is a YA first-person fantasy tale about a thirteen-year-old boy.

Where can we find you for more information?

You can find out more about "The Serpent in the Glass", "Pied and Prodigious", and my other writings, at

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