Sunday, 10 February 2013

No More Tears by Andrew Barrett

No More Tears is the finale in Andrew Barrett's "Dead Trilogy" following on from A Long Time Dead and Stealing Elgar.  You do need to have read the previous books as they folow on from each other.  As a whole they add up to over a thousand pages which is a chunky story indeed.

Taken individually, I think I like this one best.  This one is more about revenge and retribution.  It's hard to write about this one without giving anything away about the previous 2, but suffice to say, Roger is in another pickle and has to cope with what's thrown at him.

I mentioned in reviews for the previous books about my not really liking Roger as a person, but I think I've grown to like him more.  This story is about friendships and I liked that.

Now I have to start on his Third Rule series, yay :)

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