Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fortress of Ephemera by Eric Chrstopherson

This is the fourth book by Eric Christopherson and whilst on the surface it seems worlds apart from the others, insanity soon rears up.

The story is set 100 years ago and for this, the language seems a bit strange at first.  A few times I needed to click to see the meaning of a word - the kindle certainly comes into it's own for this.

At the heart of this story is a claustrophobic chase within the confines of Noah Langley's old mansion.  Miles Trenowyth is his attorney and together with some other characters they are all trapped within the mansion and the decades of hoarding.

I was certainly on the edge of my seat with this one.  I read most of the book in one session.  If this was a film, it would certainly be low budget with one location, few characters and mostly in the dark.

Another amazing story from Eric Christpherson.

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