Friday, 19 July 2013

Auto by David Wailing

Auto is the collection of David Wailing's Auto stories into one book but ties them together nicely.

The author has created a future a decade from now, whereby all the social media needs of society is tied into having an "auto" that screens out all the rubbish and automatically replies for you.  The Smart phone has gotten a lot smarter.

I had read the individual stories when they were originally released, but they held up for a second read.  I nearly skipped one to get to a new story, but soon went back to read them in order.  Reading them a second time and in one sitting revealed connections that I'd not noticed when I read them separately.

I may have given some of the individual stories 4 stars previously, but as a whole I feel they are enhanced by being brought together.

In all, a wonderfully scarily potentially accurate future that I'm not sure I want to embrace.

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