Monday, 29 July 2013

Scouting for Murder by Lynda Wilcox

This is the next instalment of Verity Long's murderous adventures.  In saying that, you don't need to have read her previous outings, any filling in of characters is quickly done.  If you have read the previous stories, you will feel at home in Verity's world.

This story takes her into the world of Brownies and Scouts, even though she doesn't particularly like children, she's the "love them and leave them quickly" type of woman, a bit like me, lol.

The story flows along quite nicely.  I didn't bother trying to guess who the murderer might have been until some way through the story as my guess would chop and change many times as more information comes to light.  Oftentimes I'd shout at Verity to go and talk to the Inspector, the mystery would be solved quicker, but of course, that would make a short and boring story.  I do think Verity drinks an awful lot, she's always cracking open a bottle of wine or going to visit her lovely mates at the Wine Bar,

Again, a very enjoyable easy read.

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