Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Philanthropist's Danse by Paul Wornham

A rich man calls together 12 members of family and friends for a week in his house.  They find out he is dead and they must decide amongst themselves how to split his massive fortune.  If they don't sort it out within a day, they lose 20% of it.  And 20% more the next day, etc

This looked a good blurb and the first chapter got me intrigued.  Yes, splitting it 12 ways would be sensible, but the family think they deserve more than the friends and the friends say if the father wanted you to have it, wouldn't he have given it to you.  And so starts the infighting and recriminations and secrets.

I really enjoyed this book.  It perhaps could have done with losing a little in the middle, but in the main, this was gripping and made me want to find out more.  As more is revealed about the characters, your views were changed as to who was nice and who wasn't.  I do recommend this one.

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