Saturday, 14 September 2013

Few Are Chosen by M. T. McGuire

The Pan of Hamgee is a coward.  This  comes in very useful when he's on the blacklist and has only his wits and his cowardice to keep out of trouble and stay alive.  However he soon gets caught up in the very trouble he's avoiding.

Even though I knew I'd like this book, it took me a few goes to get into it.  As it's an other worldly adventure, I kept getting thrown by mention of characters' greenness and antennae.  But once I got used to that and once the heist got going, I got carried along myself.

This was a gently funny story.  I liked the characters of Ada and Gladys as they seemed to know more than they let on.  The Pan was likeable enough and made a lot of sense in his trying to keep out of trouble.

I had a big problem in that the story ended kind of in the middle of a bit of action.  The first chapter of the next book was included and that wrapped things up a little better.  I think if that first chapter was this book's last chapter, then it would have been more satisfactory and tidy.

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