Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Music of the Spheres by Julie McLaren

When God realises mankind is about to ruin Earth, he gets a bit miffed and decides to have words.  The people of Englandshire don't notice the plagues He sends as He is a bit out of practice and so He decides he needs to do something a bit more to get on the nightly news.  Nigel comes to His attention, so He decides that Nigel shall be His prophet.  As you can imagine, Nigel is not too impressed with this turn of events.  All Nigel wants is to be abducted by aliens.

With a plot synopsis something like that, how could I not be drawn in.  Just a few paragraphs and I was hooked.  This is a delightful story.  Just the right side of surreal and it's very small town British.  It is witty without being overly clever.

I liked the character of Nigel.  He really doesn't want to do much, just get on with his small life looking to his big horizons.  I also liked God and the supporting characters.  They were well rounded out.

In short this was a treat of a read that I came across unexpectedly and it's reads like this that make me love my Kindle and finding new authors.

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