Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Gladiatrix by Linda Gruchy

I'll start off by saying I'm not into historical books, let alone ones from Roman times.  Life of Brian and Spartacus are about all I know of that sort of era.  However I'm a great fan of Linda Gruchy's books, so gave it a go.

It was hard reading at first as it's written in a first person way that is almost being talked at rather than talked to, but once I got "the voice" in my head I got used to it.  Also there was the use of all Roman / gladiator words that I'm not used to.  I suppose if you were the main target audience you wouldn't notice this as you'd be used to it.  There is a glossary in the book, so that would help

I have learnt (not that it took much teaching) that I wouldn't like to live in those days.  Life was hard for most people, especially women.

It was a very interesting story.  I did think of Hippolyte often when not reading the book.

A very different book to Linda Gruchy's normal fare and certainly one I enjoyed reading.

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