Saturday, 3 November 2012

Laura's Big Break by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

This is a chick lit book.  The premise of the story is that Laura wants an interview with Charlie (who is also her best friend's brother).  He doesn't want to give an interview as he finds Laura annoying, but agrees to it if Laura joins him on a week long bike tour of Amsterdam.

As chick lits go, this is a competent story.  It follows all the rules, with a bit of comedy in there.  It was slow in parts, but I did enjoy the last the part of the book.  It was the usual boy hates girl, girl hates boy, boy and girl sped time together, boy and girl get to like each other. It was well written, I liked their antagonism and Laura's mishaps and I though it a good read.

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  1. Hi Joo,

    Just wanted to let you and your readers know that Laura's Big Break is currently FREE on Amazon.