Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stealing Elgar by Andrew Barrett

Stealing Elgar is the second book in The Dead Trilogy.  The books introduce the character of Roger Conniston, a Scenes Of Crime Officer (SOCO).  The book does follow on from the first one and you do probably need to have read it first.  I don't think this story would be so good without the history of the first.  Roger has got himself in a bit of a pickle in this book and needs to act on his own.

I do like a bit of "murder, death kill" and this book has lots of all of this.  It's a police procedural type book only from a SOCO point of view.  The author is a crime scene officer, so the story has that extra dimension of reality where it describes the evidence gathering.

I found this quite an easy read.  I wanted to do another chapter, then another.  I don't think I really like many of the characters in this book.  They are certainly all very flawed.  

And onto the third (and final?) book.

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