Monday, 12 November 2012

Le Mans by Dakota Franklin

Le Mans is the author's first book in her Ruthless To Win series, set in and around the motor racing world.  I read book 2 first so knew a little about these characters.  As I understand it, each book will be set around a different character, but all in the same world of "Cartwright-Armitage" racing.

Sometimes the story got a bit bogged down in technicalities, but other readers might like it .

I also think that the characters are  bit "too nice to be true".  The world that Mallory finds herself in with money thrown at everything, expensive gifts are given left, right and centre seems a bit too wonderful.  OR is that I don't know of these things and life really is like that in the world of top-class motor sports :)

I do like this world that Dakota Franklin has created.  The books are an easy clean read with strong female characters.  There were no profanities in the book and even though you'd imaging the male world of motor sports would be full of rough people, Cartwright-Armitage are the gentlemen of this world.

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