Thursday, 20 December 2012

Chatting with Susanne

 My second chat is with Susanne, a moderator on the kuforum and avid reader.

Does it annoy you the book finishes well before 100% because the author mentions their other works at the back of the novel. Do you mind if the author includes a synopsis or even an excerpt?

Yes, I do find it quite irritating, especially if it is a long excerpt.  It’s too much like a hard sell because you are almost a captive audience.  I don’t mind a short reference to the author’s other work though.

Are you put off if you see a book is part of a series? Or does that entice you, knowing that if you like it there are more books to enjoy?

Generally, I prefer to read stand-alone books, although I have really enjoyed several series, such as the Stieg Larsson books and I also got totally caught up in KUF author, Shayne Parkinson’s series, Promises to Keep.

Do you read the Look Inside before purchasing? Always? Sometimes, depending on the reviews? Never?

I quite often use the Look Inside feature, especially if it is an author I haven’t read before. It is a great feature.

Do you read for hours at a time, or in short bursts, or a mixture of the two?

I love to be able to settle down at the weekend and spend several hours reading, but it seems to happen less and less these days – too many other things get in the way.  I do read every day though, if only for half an hour before going to sleep. I always have my Kindle with me when I’m out, so usually grab some reading time if I’m waiting or travelling.

How important are reviews of a book to you? Would they influence your choice to buy it?

I do look at the reviews, but as reading is such a personal experience, I often find that what someone else may rave about is not necessarily my type of book and vice versa, I have loved books that have left others cold.  There are however several KUF members whose choice of books are similar to my own and I always take notice of their recommendations/reviews.

Do you think you remain unbiased when reviewing books by people you know or interact with on the internet?

I try to be. I would certainly never give a high rating to a book just because I know the author.

How do you feel about leaving negative reviews?

I very rarely do reviews for books I haven’t enjoyed.  I tend to do a review if I have enjoyed the book and want to share that with others.

Are you more lenient with regards mistakes if you know a book is self published, or do you believe the authors should have hired an editor to make sure it's the best it can be?

Definitely not.  There is no reason why an indie book should be poorly proofed or formatted.  There are some very badly written and formatted indie books out there and I think they give indie books a bad name generally, which is a shame.

If something an author did upset or bothered you, would it stop you reading more of their work, even if you've read their stuff before and enjoyed it?

Well, it hasn’t happened so far, but, yes, I think I probably wouldn’t read any more of an author’s work if he or she did or said something I found upsetting.

Do you always buy books in the same genre? Would you experiment with a different type of book if it seemed worth a try?

Getting my Kindle and discovering the world of indie published books has allowed me to read such a wide range of genres – it really has broadened my reading experience and I no longer play safe with the type of books I buy.

Do you prefer long novels or shorter ones?

I love getting stuck into a long book – seeing that a book has 500 pages is a treat for me.  I tend not to read shorts, as I find the reading pleasure too abrupt.

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