Sunday, 9 December 2012

Five Short Stories by Cecilia Peartree

As it says on the tin, this is a book of five short stories.  Three of them are based in Pitkirtly, two of the stories I'd read before.  I love the inhabitants of Pitkirtly and am always eager to read more about them.

Apocalypse Ready:  This is the perfect story of how ready some of the inhabitants of Pitkirtly are for The End Of The World.  As I finished it, I felt I knew that was how it would be as the story suits the characters.

Recycled:  Amarylis (from Pitkirtly) shows just how mean she can be with her darker side.

A Romantic Quest:  I enjoyed this when I read it in a kuforum anthology and am pleased to find out the characters will get their own novel.  As I read it again, I knew I wanted to find out more about them.

Special:  Some of the Pitkirtly gang go on a Mystery Tour.  Of course things don't go to plan.  I wouldn't want them to.

Apocalypse Decoded:  Where Him upstairs tells him downstairs he has 4 days to plan the Apocalypse.  I really enjoyed this one.  Middle management will never seem the same.

In summary, this is quite a short book, but I liked every single story.  I don't often like all the stories in an anthology.  If you've read any Pitkirtly books, these are great extras.  If you haven't, then these are great tasters.  It's also proof that Cecilia Peartree is not a one story author.

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